Joint Annual Conference
August 15-19, 2023
TU Dresden

Science Fiction Research
Gesellschaft für

(english) (deutsch)

We invite papers on all forms and genres of science fiction and the fantastic in relation to the paradigm of disruption, including but not limited to literature, music, film, games, design, and art. Presentations may be held either in English or German. We strive for a diversity of voices and perspectives from any and all disciplines and career stages. While papers on any subject in SFF are welcome, we especially encourage topics that resonate with the overall conference theme and that engage disruptive imaginations along axes that include but are not limited to

  • SFF imagination under conditions of disruption e.g., energy crisis, toxicity, climate disruption, war, colonialism, dis/ability, trauma, white supremacy…

  • SFF imagination against disruption e.g., resilience, worldmaking, utopia, cultural healing, kinship, co-futurisms (African and Afro-futurisms, Indigenous Futurisms, Queer and Trans Futurisms, Crip Futurisms, LatinX Futurisms,…), …

  • SFF imagination in need of disruption e.g., SFF and systems of oppression, SFF tropes/histories/conventions of white supremacy, colonialism, heteropatriarchy, and technological solutionism…

  • SFF imagination as a force of disruption e.g., SFF in/as activism, the cultural / bodily / social / political / aesthetic impact of SFF, SFF as medium of political subversion, emancipatory forms of SFF publishing, alt-right utilization of SFF rhetoric, …

  • SFF imagination of disruption e.g., ruptures of space and time, geoengineering, gene editing, hacking, revolution, border crossings, chimeras and hybrids, creative technologies and media of communication, ...

Please submit your abstracts (300 words, in English or German) for a twenty-minute presentation and a short bio (150 words) to
disruptive.imaginations@tu-dresden.de by March 1, 2023. Options for limited hybrid participation will be available. More information will be supplied soon on our conference website www.disruptiveimaginations.com.

Both organizations give out a limited number of travel grants to help students, PhD candidates and non-tenured participants with their expenses: SFRA members are eligible to apply for travel grants of up to 500$; the GfF offers two travel grants of 250€ each, membership not required. Please indicate your interest upon submitting your abstract.