Joint Annual Conference
August 15-19, 2023
TU Dresden

Science Fiction Research
Gesellschaft für



Registration and conference fee payment is required for presenters and non-presenters. Membership in either the SFRA or the GFF is encouraged but optional. Students, PhD students, and participants without institutional funding are eligible for a student discount. The conference fees are exclusively used to help cover the costs for conference infrastructure, lunch and coffee breaks.

You will have several registration options:

  • Non-Member Regular
  • Non-Member Discount Student
  • SFRA Member Discount Regular
  • SFRA Member Discount Student
  • GFF Member Discount Regular
  • GFF Member Discount Student
  • Remote Participation (membership optional)

The registration and payment process is supported by the conference management software Converia.

Registration will close on June 30, 2023.
In exceptional cases, we can accommodate late registrations via email: disruptive.imaginations@tu-dresden.de